Don’t Judge A Bottle by Its Price Tag

10 May

The price tag on some of the most expensive champagnes in the world should never put you off sampling them. Yes the range of high prices that are found with the famous Cristal Champagnes and Dom Perignons may drive the budget conscious individual to an early grave. You should never dismiss a bottle of champagne on price alone for there are some brands which offer far more valuable characteristics, which would not be experienced, if you determine your opinion only on price.

Champagne oozes class its characteristics allow this bubbly and refreshingly light beverage to be enjoyed on nearly all occasions. It can make events more memorable with guests being adequately refreshed without being floored by the alcohol volume. With champagne being so versatile a hefty price tag can be forgiven on the bigger brands. Champagne can also be enjoyed with virtually any cuisine, with most meals actually enhanced due to the accompanied complimenting tastes which a bottle of champagne can bring.

Did you know that the bubbles in a bottle of Champagne are not there to add to the way it looks? Yes it can make the drink look more appealing and attractive but the bubbles allow the blood to quickly absorb the alcohol at a rate much faster than other beverages. With champagne being so smooth and light it can definitely enjoyed at any event or occasion.

As with many quality things in life, you get what you pay for; expecting the best from a dear bottle of bubbly won’t disappoint you. Remember you’re not paying for taste alone; you’re paying for the full package. The years of maturing, the unique and vibrant bouquets bursting into life as the bottle is opened and poured to glass.

Whatever the occasion there is champagne to suit it, don’t pre judge on price, but rather judge after the full experience to give an accurate report. Champagne is more than just a price tag, it’s an overall experience to be tried and tested.

If indeed you happen to have any Champagne leftovers they also can be enjoyed.  Click Here for some great Champagne leftover recipes.

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