Eleven Great Tips for Enjoying the Champagne Experience

11 Jun

Hosting a champagne party and enjoying champagne with your friends is a great and relaxing experience. Here are some of the top champagne tips that we have found:

1. The best way to drink champagne is to use a glass or even better is crystal. The style has emerged as the flute and you should always hold the glass by the stem so that it does not warm up too quickly.

2. Interestingly enough, the way you wash your glass can impact the champagne’s bubbliness when serving. It is best not to use detergent as it can prevent the formation of foam. Use hot water and dry with a clean cotton dishcloth.

3. You always should sample your champagne before serving as you would with any wine.

4. When serving, you should always start with the ladies then moving to the senior men and proceed until given out.

5. A common mistake is filling the glasses to the top in one phase. To avoid spilling, it is better to serve in two phases.

6. If planning a party, the normal amount you would estimate is six glasses to a regular sized bottle.

7. There are many questions on  whether to have your food or champagne first. Everyone will decide for himself or herself but serving the champagne first allows to have a fresh taste.

8. There is an age-old tradition of opening your champagne bottle called sabrage. Sabrage is a 200-year-old French tradition, invented by Napoleon’s cavalry. 

9. A non-vintage Brut is a champagne that goes well with all flavours, making every mouthful delicious.

10. A Magnum will pour around fifteen flutes. If you’re expecting a really large crowd, bring out the Jeroboam (31 glasses, 4 bottles).

11. When considering how to store your champagne, remember that they are wines so they continue to evolve in the bottle until opened. So it is important to keep them chilled, if this is how they should be kept until use.

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