Cheers to Benedictine Monk Dom Perignon

30 Aug

The famous Benedictine Monk, Dom Perignon, holds the title, “Father of Champagne,” as he was one of the first in history to create a bottle of champagne through the second fermentation process in 17th century. One might wonder, “Did he ever imagine just how popular a glass of ‘the bubbly’ would become, or the effects it would have on millions around the world throughout different generations?” Probably not, as he rather stumbled upon quality sparkling wine through a series of experimentations.


Sparkling wine brands differ from the different types of grapes that are used in its creation. The method of using grapes from different locations and regions ensures each brand is unique compared to its competitors’ brand. From the seed planted in the vineyard, to the delicate process of grape squeezing, right up until it is poured, chilled into a glass, every moment is guided by a rich history.


Consider this the next time you sit down to your meal, or the next time that you enjoy the party celebrations, with a glass of champagne, remember the process and the history behind your favourite drink.

The years of hard work perfecting the blend, getting the right taste, ensuring the right amount of bubbles in every sip, lets you enjoy the aromas and awakens the senses. The makers follow these strict guidelines for the benefit and enjoyment of its customers.

Many famous brands are available today at great prices, from online superstores to local shops.  Take the time to discover your own unique taste preferences, but remember to drink it chilled allowing the bubbles to feel alive in your mouth. The drinks come in a number of different flavours, as well as, dry to sweet options. Take a moment, treasure the taste, and toast to life with the classy touch of a fine champagne.

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