Eleven Great Tips for Enjoying the Champagne Experience

11 Jun

Hosting a champagne party and enjoying champagne with your friends is a great and relaxing experience. Here are some of the top champagne tips that we have found:

1. The best way to drink champagne is to use a glass or even better is crystal. The style has emerged as the flute and you should always hold the glass by the stem so that it does not warm up too quickly.

2. Interestingly enough, the way you wash your glass can impact the champagne’s bubbliness when serving. It is best not to use detergent as it can prevent the formation of foam. Use hot water and dry with a clean cotton dishcloth.

3. You always should sample your champagne before serving as you would with any wine.

4. When serving, you should always start with the ladies then moving to the senior men and proceed until given out.

5. A common mistake is filling the glasses to the top in one phase. To avoid spilling, it is better to serve in two phases.

6. If planning a party, the normal amount you would estimate is six glasses to a regular sized bottle.

7. There are many questions on  whether to have your food or champagne first. Everyone will decide for himself or herself but serving the champagne first allows to have a fresh taste.

8. There is an age-old tradition of opening your champagne bottle called sabrage. Sabrage is a 200-year-old French tradition, invented by Napoleon’s cavalry. 

9. A non-vintage Brut is a champagne that goes well with all flavours, making every mouthful delicious.

10. A Magnum will pour around fifteen flutes. If you’re expecting a really large crowd, bring out the Jeroboam (31 glasses, 4 bottles).

11. When considering how to store your champagne, remember that they are wines so they continue to evolve in the bottle until opened. So it is important to keep them chilled, if this is how they should be kept until use.

Toast Time!

17 May

Celebrate the accomplishments of friends and family with a Champagne toast! Champagne has been used in many memorable occasions and continues to be a valued product over the ages. From weddings, to sporting events, birthday gatherings, to dinner parties, Champagne is always a great option for a celebration.

Promotions and raises are more great reasons to involve the use of champagne. This is a great moment to make a toast to the future and congratulate the coworker who received the promotion at hand.

The many ways to incorporate champagne into different celebration settings are endless. Socially, it can bring a lot of people together in one room for a lot of great memories to be recorded.

The great thing about champagne is that there are so many varieties of it. There is Dom Perignon, Mercier, and Moet to name a few and they all have different flavors and feels to them.  So no matter your preference there is a Champagne that will suit you and your palette perfectly; not to mention the list of Champagne Cocktails you can also experiment with to find your perfect match.

Champagne is also a great drink to go with special appetizers such as cheese or fruit.  There is such a luxurious feeling that comes from drinking champagne; yet it easily crosses all social gathering boundaries and fits nicely into any setting.

If you would like to pursue your love of Champagne further why not consider taking it up as a hobby?  Consider having a cellar or refrigerator unit dedicated to storing and collecting different varieties and years. A very popular hobby in recent years and one that will certainly make you increase your popularity amongst your friends and family!

Don’t Judge A Bottle by Its Price Tag

10 May

The price tag on some of the most expensive champagnes in the world should never put you off sampling them. Yes the range of high prices that are found with the famous Cristal Champagnes and Dom Perignons may drive the budget conscious individual to an early grave. You should never dismiss a bottle of champagne on price alone for there are some brands which offer far more valuable characteristics, which would not be experienced, if you determine your opinion only on price.

Champagne oozes class its characteristics allow this bubbly and refreshingly light beverage to be enjoyed on nearly all occasions. It can make events more memorable with guests being adequately refreshed without being floored by the alcohol volume. With champagne being so versatile a hefty price tag can be forgiven on the bigger brands. Champagne can also be enjoyed with virtually any cuisine, with most meals actually enhanced due to the accompanied complimenting tastes which a bottle of champagne can bring.

Did you know that the bubbles in a bottle of Champagne are not there to add to the way it looks? Yes it can make the drink look more appealing and attractive but the bubbles allow the blood to quickly absorb the alcohol at a rate much faster than other beverages. With champagne being so smooth and light it can definitely enjoyed at any event or occasion.

As with many quality things in life, you get what you pay for; expecting the best from a dear bottle of bubbly won’t disappoint you. Remember you’re not paying for taste alone; you’re paying for the full package. The years of maturing, the unique and vibrant bouquets bursting into life as the bottle is opened and poured to glass.

Whatever the occasion there is champagne to suit it, don’t pre judge on price, but rather judge after the full experience to give an accurate report. Champagne is more than just a price tag http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Champagne, it’s an overall experience to be tried and tested.

If indeed you happen to have any Champagne leftovers they also can be enjoyed.  Click Here for some great Champagne leftover recipes.

The Most Searched Brands of Champagne Online

6 May

With so many different varieties of fresh bubbly champagne available today to select from, it can be tedious to say the least when trying to select your favourite brand.  So it begs the question “just what makes great champagne”?

Your Champagne can vary in taste and style: sweet, rich, dry, and so on. In general champagne draws its character from the climate and where and what regions of the world the grapes were grown in, you also need experience from the winemaker who can add his own imaginative and creative gifts to the process.

What brands are the more probable to sell quicker than others, let’s take a look and see what the favourites are…

Dom Perignon – Is one of the most searched for brands online, owned by Moet & Chandon. Its fine taste is owed to the maturing process which lasts for seven years before being bottled and sold on the market.

Veuve Clicquot Champagne – Veuve Clicquot’s distinctive yellow label is what makes it the most well-known and best marketed Champagne on the consumer market today.

Ace of Spades Champagne – Armand de Brignac is Rapper Jay- Z’s creative Champagne brand. With hints of orange and almond this bubbly favourite is well made.

Cristal Champagne – A favourite of the rich and famous, this vintage well-presented champagne is one of the worlds finest.

Krug Champagne – Taking around 6-8 years to mature this wonderful creation continues to get better with age long after bottled, nutty in taste yet incredibly fresh.

Moet & Chandon – With vast experience in the Champagne region of France this favourite has always been on the list of great champagnes, great tasting fresh and bubbly.

Whatever the occasion it can be made memorable with that little touch of class, selecting a perfect champagne comes down to character, your character and the brands character, find your perfect match.

Spirits and Taste Preference

17 Apr

Have you ever thought what makes a person prefer wine instead of champagne, or beer to wine? There are many different types of alcoholic beverages available, say if one were not a regular drinker, what would be the deciding factors in the final decision?

Wine vs. Champagne

This is a difficult comparison as both beverages have many options on the market. The biggest defining difference between these two drink choices is the bubbles or fizz that comes in the champagne and Sparkling Wine. If a person were a newbie to wine, it is best to stay away from the drier wines like Merlot. Try a sweeter wine like the Rose wine, and work one’s way up to a dry tasting wine.

It is easier to change from the Rose, a sweeter wine, and move to the Zinfandel or Pinot Noir. With champagne, it is the opposite effect. Many prefer the dry taste that Brut offers, especially if used in a champagne cocktail like a Mimosa. If one prefers sweeter champagne, they must look for Demi-Sec on the label, which indicates it has higher sugar content.

Beer vs. Wine

Drink preference really comes down to personal tastes. Some people love the tastes of a strong brew like the Guinness Black Lager, or prefer a pale lager such as Rolling Rock. When it comes to beer and wine, the choice made often depends on the meal intended to eat for the night. There are certain foods that just go better with a beer than they do a glass of wine.

Overall, try a little of this and a little of that until the tongue chooses the taste preference. Of course, this should be done responsibly over time and not all in one night. Know what to like, so next time the bartender asks, “What will it be?” The answer is readily there…  For us.. can you guess?

Champagne Direct Offering Many New Champagne Products

11 Apr

Champagne Direct has become widely recognized as the UK’s leading online champagne company since it launched in 2010. Their website includes all of the major champagne brands on to one retail website. Some of these include Dom Perignon, Louis Roederer Cristal Champagne, Bollinger, Gosset, Krug and many more. Champagne Direct also offers bottle sizes ranging from mini champagne bottles to large bottles of 15 ltr. They also carry a huge selection of champagne gifts ready to ship for your special occasion. For those looking for a change from their champagne selection, they also carry various luxury spirits, wines and accessories.

Champagne Direct is always searching for and receiving the newest types of champagnes to add to their website to be able to offer their customers. One of these includes a Dom Perignon 2003 75cl bottle included in their 2012 gift box. This is also now available at a special price of £99.95. Champagne Direct also has three new Bollinger including two sizes of Special Cuvee NV and a Rose NV 75cl bottle. There is also a limited supply of their new Lanson Black Label Brut NV 75cl Union Jack bottle with the Neoprene ice jacket.

The online champagne company also has many new Laurent Perrier champagne bottles of various sizes available including a 6 ltr Brut NV Methuselah bottle and a 1.5 ltr Grand Siecle Brut NV Magnum. Champagne Direct also has a few new Louis Roederer, Moet & Chandon, Perrier Jouet, Pol Roger Brut, Ruinart, Taittinger, and Veuve Clicquot specials.

Champagne Direct is also consistently on the lookout to check their prices to the most competitive in the UK. Their website has been verified and secure online to make purchases. Champagne Direct is also known for their excellent customer service. They can be contacted at 0845 643 6311 or online at www.champagnedirect.co.uk.

Champagne Direct joins the world of blogging

27 Feb

Champagne Direct joins the world of Blogging.

Follow our Blog to find out about the latest Champagne products coming out of France, exclusive offers and exclusive discount codes.

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