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Champagne Glass cleaning tips

4 Sep

Any celebration with the added touch of a glass of bubbly whether it be a Prosecco, Sparkling wine, Cava or Champagne is made extra special and unforgettable. However, many event organisers and publicans around the world will tell you, with many visitors and great events come with a mountain load of washing.


The flutes where one drinks his or her celebratory toasts needs looking after with a little more care in the washing department.

Below find the best tips on how to clean those tall and narrow champagne flutes without the need to scrub vigorously.

  • When washing by hand its good practice to use very mild detergent, add the tiniest of drops to the dirty glass. Then make sure that you foam up and sponge the dirty marks off removing all stains and marks. You will need to check that there is no soap residue left behind in the glass, or the next glass of bubbly will be bubbling for the wrong reasons.
  • Washing champagne flutes in a dishwasher is ideal, but you will need to hand dry them with a cotton dishtowel to remove any watermarks when the washing cycle has finished.
  • If the flute has lipstick that needs removing, then it is best to use a degreasing agent prior to washing. This will help loosen the colour particles that are staining the glass. Remember dirty glasses leave a poor impression and shout of lack of class.
  • The trick to a gleaming sparkle on the glass is to steam them over boiling water and then hand polish them using a dry tea towel.

If you are serving up these tasteful drinks at your next event, then add to the experience by offering guests sparkling wine in a sparkly clean glass. Let guests remember the event for the right reasons and not because drinks were served in a glass with watermarks.

Do you know your Champagne?

29 Aug

Do you know your Champagne?

Fact One: It is good to know that Champagne is actually a sparkling wine and comes from specific grapes and is made in a specific region of France.  However, the reason that the sparkling wine changes its name to Champagne is due to the region of France from where it grows the region of Champagne to be exact. This means any other sparkling wine from around the world can never be renamed Champagne, because the region of France named Champagne has exclusivity rights to its name.

Fact Two: The bubbles that come from within the glass of champagne are created in the second fermentation process, the addition of sugar and yeast help create a chemical reaction which produces carbon dioxide, these bubbles  are trapped in the liquid inside the bottle until popped or poured.

Fact Three: Sparkling wines and Champagnes are usually categorized, demi sec, brut, extra brut, they are categorized depending the amount of sugar that is used in the fermentation process.

Fact Four: Although the region of Champagne in France has exclusivity to the naming rights of Champagne, other countries including, Australia, New Zealand and Italy can produce very high quality sparkling wines, unable to use the iconic Champagne name, they tend to be less costly.

Fact Five: Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe allegedly took a champagne bath which took her 350 bottles to fill the actual tub.

Fact Six: Frederick the Great of Prussia used to drink an unusual concoction of Coffee mixed with Champagne to calm his nerves!

Fact Seven: The reason that you hear the famous pop when the champagne is opened is down to the tremendous pressure that is captured in the bottle through the carbon dioxide gases and bubbles building up.

Fact Eight: The most expensive champagne is available and on sale at Moscow’s Ritz Carlton Hotel. The bottle retails for around $275,000. These bottles are only sold to the wealthy guests that are staying at the hotel