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Champagne — Method behind the Bottling

29 Jul


Champagne is noted for being a higher quality of wine which is sparkling and bubbly and of great distinction. Champagne has the ability to turn ordinary occasions in to something special. For the Champagne lover there are many various styles of bubbly for them to enjoy.

Vintage Champagne is made from grapes from a specific year, thus giving it the vintage status.

Non-Vintage Champagne is a blend of grapes from all different years.

Brut Champagne tends to be very dry in taste,

Demi Sec tends to be much sweeter in taste.

There are a few required methods to be followed in order to allow champagne to be printed on the front of the bottle. The contents of the bottle must be solely from Chardonnay. The liquid inside the bottle must be formed from Pinot Noir Grapes that are grown in Northern France in the region of Champagne and from surrounding cities including Epernay and Reims.

The Name Pinot Noir and Champagne is a brand and is guarded with uttermost importance, even so that the champagne producers took court action against designer mogul Yves Saint Laurent in 1993. Yves Saint Laurent were looking at creating a fragrance with the name Champagne, the champagne producers then took court action and won their case to retain exclusivity to their name and brand.

Champagne is one of the very few white wines in the world that are created from using red grapes; the grapes are gently pressed so that the skins are not bruised. There are also limits on how much juice can be gained from pressing the grapes, this help keep in line with the strict quality assurance that these methods bring, this helps to produce high quality champagne each time it’s followed.

Champagne should be served chilled and poured into a flute glass for you to enjoy. The benefits from drinking from a flute glass mean that the bubbles can form at the bottom and travel to the top of the glass. Giving the bubbles more room and space to move around within the glass ensures that the fizz is kept longer and adds to the experience of each taste.

The next time you sit down to enjoy your favourite brand take the time out to think of the history behind the brand, the method to which it was produced and the years of hard work perfecting the taste you enjoy so much.